Frequently Asked Questions


What happens on a PreRound episode?

Watch a brief intro video for an overview.

  • Three startups pitch their ideas.
  • You get PreMoney® to “invest” in these ideas.
  • You and other viewers compete to win prizes for smart “investments”.
  • Startups hope to impress real investors watching the show.
  • You can change your “investments” for a week.
  • Investment window closes at the end of the week.
  • Results and prizes are announced for viewers with top investments, and for startups who have won meetings with investors.

What is Pre®?

Pre® is a fun app for both iOS and android. It gives you PreMoney and lets you “invest” it in startups during pitch events, like a game. The app is popular in the startup world and is used globally.

Where can I watch the show?

PreRound shows are streamed online. We’ll announce the exact channels soon. To stay updated, sign up for our emails.

How can viewers join in the fun?

Simply use the Pre app to receive PreMoney and “invest” during our episodes. Win prizes and recognition if your PreMoney investments are the savviest ones on the episode.


Why should my startup pitch on PreRound?

Pitching on PreRound boosts your startup’s visibility, validates your idea, helps gain supporters, and puts you in front of real investors. If these sound good, consider pitching on PreRound.

Which startups can pitch on the show?

If you’re an early-stage startup with a unique idea and clear goals, preferably B2C, and haven’t got big funding yet, you’re eligible. Unsure? Ask us.

How do I get my startup on the show?

Fill out the online form to apply.

What's next after applying?

  • Apply here.
  • If shortlisted, you’ll get an audition invite to pitch online to our team.
  • We’ll then let you know if you’re selected for the show.
  • Selected startups will have their pitch + Q&A recorded for the episode.

Is there any fee to apply or to participate?

No, currently it’s free! You will be required to have the specified setup (internet, smartphone, computer, etc.) for the episode recording if selected.