Frequently Asked Questions
What are preRound events?

preRound events are pitch events streamed live to a global audience. Early stage startups pitch to a panel of investors from their industry. Viewers receive preMoney to invest in the most promising startups. Startups compete for their preMoney while viewers compete to make smart investments. Smartest investments win real cash prizes. Startups vie for a follow-up meeting with investors.

What happens during a preRound event?

preRound events have three segments:

prePitch Discussion

A panel of investors reveal who the three participating startups will be, layout their expectations from the startups, and discuss the current state of the startups’ industry.

Investing Phase

The startups pitch their ventures to the livestream. Viewers and panelists invest preMoney in startups they find most compelling. After each presentation, panelists ask the presenters questions about their ventures, which also helps viewers with their investment decisions.

postPitch analysis and Awards

The investment phase closes. The panelists reveal how they invested their preMoney and explain their decisions. Results and rewards are announced for the top startups at the event and top investors from the viewers.

What is pre ?

preRound events are powered by the patent-pending pre app that provides the Gamified Startup Investing® experience at pitch events.

pre has been designed to engage audience with startups, encourage critical thinking, sharpen investing skills, validate ideas, and provide early stage startups with means to showcase their ventures to raise capital.

It aims to build a community of support around startups as they begin their journey to their first round of funding and continue to grow beyond.

A short video on how to use pre at a pitch event.

Why should I, as a startup, apply to pitch on preRound?

preRound events are designed to boost visibility to early stage startups, help them validate their ideas, build a community of supporters around their venture, and showcase the engagement to early stage investors. If you are seeking any or all of the above, you should consider pitching to investors on preRound.

Who can pitch at a preRound event?

preRound events are designed for early stage startups looking to achieve their first round of funding. We look for startups with novel and compelling ideas and clearly articulated value propositions for their users. preRound startups can be at various development stages, anywhere from ideation to beta testing or revenue to pre-revenue. We prefer startups who have not yet raised funding from institutional investors. However, Friends/Family rounds or grants do not count.

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How do I apply to pitch at a preRound event?

Complete an online application.

What happens after I submit my application?

We review every application submitted to preRound.

1. If you pre-qualify, you will receive a RFI – Request For Information. This will help us understand your venture better.
2. Selected applications will be invited for an in-person or a video audition.
3. Following the auditions, three startups will be invited to pitch at one of the preRound events.

We will let all prospective candidates know outcomes of the process.

Does it cost money to participate in a preRound event?

Application and participation in preRound events is completely free! You manage your lodging and transportation to the event. preRound is currently based in the New York Metropolitan Area, but is a global effort. We are expanding, so keep an eye out for future events near you.

Where do I watch a preRound event?

preRound events will be streamed directly from the preRound website. Additionally, simulcasts will be broadcasted to Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch and other streaming services.

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How do viewers participate in a preRound event?

We use the pre app to facilitate our preRound pitch events. Locate the app in your mobile device’s app store, install it, then register to get started. This short video shows how to play the role of an investor at any pitch event that uses the pre app.