PreRound Guide for Startups

With this guide you will learn how to...
1. Apply to participate
2. Prepare for the Audition

What is PreRound?

  • PreRound® is a gamified pitch show that goes on air in Fall 2023.
  • Three startups pitch to a panel of established investors and viewers
  • Viewers use an app called Pre® that gives them PreMoney® - a digital fictional currency - to invest in the startups. Playing the role of PreInvestors, viewers compete to make the smartest PreInvestments.
  • Startups compete to raise the most PreMoney® available in order to be the top startup of the show’s Startup Leaderboard.
  • Startups also receive feedback directly from the viewers via rating and messaging features within the Pre app

Goals of PreRound

  • Help draw investor attention to promising startups.
  • Enable startups to receive real time market feedback and validation of their ideas at scale.
  • Help startups prepare for their first round of funding.
  • Support startups in creating an online community around their ventures.
  • Educate retail investors about startup-investing.

How To Apply

  • Submit a short application here
  • After submitting your application, you will receive an Audition Invite if you make the cut.
  • Upon receiving the Audition Invite, we will set up a date for you to pitch to the audition team via Zoom. We recommend using the format below for your pitch deck.
  • After the audition and review, you’ll be notified if you were selected to pitch on the show.
  • If selected for the show, the PreRound team will schedule a time for the final pitch recording including the Q+A.

The Pitch Deck

  • Problem - Describe the pain of your customer. How this problem impacts real world and compelling reasons why it is worth solving. How is this addressed today and what are the shortcomings to current solutions?
  • Solution - Clearly state the solution. How do you solve the problem you just outlined? Why is your value proposition unique and compelling?
  • Competition/Differentiation - Who are your direct and indirect competitors? Talk in some detail about the unique selling points that make your product different.
  • Market - Identify your customer and your market. Is there a large TAM today or in the future?
  • Team - Tell something about who is building this business and what role they play. Why are you the right people to do this?
  • Milestones - Show your roadmap at a glance, including how far you've already come. Frame your "ask". Start the conversation with the audience.

Please be prepared with additional slides that are part of the typical VC pitch deck, for example, business/revenue model, go-to-market strategy, product roadmap. While you may choose to not use these slides for your main presentation, you may need them for the Q+A with investors.